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Ielts Exams consists of four modules:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Ielts Exams is taken by developers of British Council and IDP.

IELTS Exams has basically two formats:

General Training

Academic Training

General trining IELTS Exams is especially designed for those students who have aspire to get PR from their own country with work permit visas.But the students have to acheived highest band scores in IELTS general test conducted by IDP or british council.

IELTS Exams (INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM) has four modules that are Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading.

Academic and General Writing Format, consists of task 1 and task 2. In task 1 writing, there are graphs, Diagrams, Pie chart, and Tables. In task 2 writing, there is an Essay.

In General Writing Format, There is one Letter and one Essay.

In academic reading, there are long passages. But in General Reading, there are short and easy passages.

Firstly, a candidate has appeared the test that has been organized by the IDP and British Councils, IELTS Exams has been declared online after the gap of 13 days after appearing the exams conducted by British Council and IDP.


The whole test takes 2 hours and 45 minutes. Listening, Reading and Writing Modules are taken in one sitting. All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking Tests. There is a choice of Reading and Writing Tests- Academic or General Training. It is the responsibility of the candidate to tell the Administrator which version, Academic or General Training, he needs to take.
Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Applicants tune in to various recorded writings, which increment in trouble as the test advances.These incorporate a blend of monologs and discussions and highlight an assortment of English articulations.

Academic Reading:
Time: 60 minutes
There are three passages with tasks.

General Training Reading:
Time:60 Minutes
There are three reading passages with tasks.

IELTS In Amritsar

Academic Writing:
Time: 60 minutes
The main assignment expects the contender to compose a portrayal of no less than 150 words in light of material found in an outline, table, chart or diagram. For the second errand, hopefuls compose a short exposition of no less than 250 words because of an announcement or question…

General Training Writing
Time: 60 Minutes

In general training test, the candidates have to write a minimum of 10 words for letter writing and 250 words for essay writing.

Time: 11-14 minutes IELTS Speaking test each candidate has face to face interview with the examiner. The candidate has covered three parts of speaking. Firstly, Introductory part, Second Part is cue card.Thirdly Supplementary Questions asked by examiner based on a cue card.

IELTS Coaching Centre In AmritsarTips for Writing Test of IELTS

  1. Firstly, do not try to copy the whole sentences from the statement of Essay and Graph that you have given in the Exams Paper of IELTS.If you copy, You will not get marks for it.Our Team In Amritsar gives proper training how to attempt IELTS Essay and score good bands In IELTS.
  1. You must write according to the topic, Keep to the topic and properly plans your answer.
  2. Do not add more ideas in one paragraph, put one idea in each paragraph and explain it with proper examples.
  1. Do not repeat the same words and ideas in the paragraph, Try to write something new ideas in each paragraph.
  2. Please writes something that is relevant to a topic, do not write unrelated subjects, and Write only that which is related to a topic.
  3. Time Management is very important, Manage your time in the proper manner, Because Task 2 is worth twice as compared to Task 1.
  1. It is necessary, you utilize time in the right direction, Spend approximately 20 minutes on Task 1 and approximately 40 minutes on Task 2.
  1. The number of words required for writing each task, so pay attention to the number of words for writing each task. If you do not write at least 150 words for Task 1, and at least 250 words for Task 2. Otherwise, you will lose marks.
  2. You will not have time to count the number of words during the test, Learn how to recognize how long 150 and 250 words look in your handwriting.
  1. You must write answers in proper paragraphs. You will lose marks if you write In note form or in bullet form.
  1. Write relevant words in each paragraph, avoid informal language.
  2. You will lose marks if you do not pay attention to spelling, grammar, and Punctuation

Tips for Listening of IELTS

1.Please Let us know the staff straight away, you cannot hear the audio clearly.

2.While Performing Listening, follow the instructions which have mentioned, it is possible they may be different from previous tests.

3.While performing Listening, Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice Questions, Listen to the appropriate and specific information that you want.

4.Listen the Listening with proper concentration and try to anticipate what the speaker Will say.

5.Don’t panic if you don’t understand any word, skip this word, and there is no need to use it.

6.In Listening, give more concentrate to listen Nouns Means the name of the person, Location, and more these things help you to find out answers easily.

7.Don’t waste time on one question, if you are not able to find the answer, move Quickly to the next one.

8.Spelling and Grammar plays an important role while listening. So Be Careful your

9.Spelling and Grammar.

10.Please listen with care if the speaker is too fast, relax and tune in to the topic. Don’t get panic.

11.While Listening, you should read and write, it is necessary for you.

12. Students should try to attempt all the questions that are available in Listening sections because there is no negative marking in this paper.

13.Check your answers very carefully.

14.Focus on what especially asked you for completion type questions.

15.The Word Limit is important in Listening. If you are asked to complete a sentence using no more than two words. So write the answer in two words only.If the question asks you to complete the note in the——and the right answer Is evening so you should write answer evening only. If you write in the evening Then it is considered wrong.

IELTS Coaching Centre In AmritsarTips for speaking of Ielts

1.attempt to talk as much as you can, The main motive of our academy to increase the fluency of students in speaking by practicing more by trained faculty of our institute. Within no time by the efforts of students as well as our faculty they speak very fluently.

2. The youth should try to speak fluently in all circimstances without any fear in their mind.

3.Feel unwind, relax, comfortable and confident be certain and appreciate utilizing your English and try to answers fluently. up and develop your answers and IELTS Institute In Amritsar helps the students to develop their confidence level. more than the inspector and instructor if you have any doubt.

6.request illumination or ask for query, if fundamental

7.try not to learn arranged answers; the analyst is prepared to recognize this and will change the inquiry your feelings; you will be surveyed on your capacity to convey  the analyst’s inquiries have a tendency to be genuinely unsurprising; hone at home and record yourself

Tips for Reading of IELTS

  1. Please underline the headings, keywords, and as well as special features such as any capital Word, Name, Organization and anything you feel unique in Reading Paragraph.

2.It is necessary to follow the instructions.

3.Try to understand the Reading Passages Use Skim and Scan Method.

  1. Time Management is very important; don’t spend too much time on one reading Passage, Time Division is more important while performing the reading.
  1. Don’t try to read again and again, remember some important keywords and try to understand what information the passage is given to you.
  1. Move quickly to next question, if you find difficulty in attempting the particular question. Don’t waste your time on one question.
  2. Don’t panic if you don’t understand any word, match the keyword with the proper word which has already given in the answers and try to find out an answer.
  3. Check Your Spelling
  4. Focus only that what is asked for completing the questions.
  5. In attempting the Yes, No Not Given Questions, Please keep in mind, If the subject, verb, an object is matched with the information that has already given In the reading paragraph, the answer is yes. If the information is interchanged then The answer is no. If the information is not present then answer is not given.

11.Attempt all questions, there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

 IELTS Preparation In AmritsarWhy Jyoti Success Academy

1.Our Team makes better approaches to connect with students and to set them up for an effective existence of learning and accomplishment.

2.The team of IELTS in Amritsar makes solid supporting associations with students, which is the main spark for learning.

3.Dedicated Team make a culture in which students feel safe to associate with staff and are free from diversions in regards to the testing issues they look as young people,

And the flexibility to build up their self-assurance and self-esteem.

  1. Committed, Resolute Team, Make solid correspondence with students in regards to understudies’ scholastic, social, and enthusiastic development.
  2. We offer time to time instruction to students regarding any update to IELTS Exams.Jyoti Success Academy experts trained the students with in no time and helps to convert your dreams of studies into abroad by offering perfect coaching by our trained individuals.
  3. Our Team  helps the individual students to thrive higher priority skills in all the four modules of IELTS
  4. Our Expert Trainer, brushing up and polishing your Communication skills through comprehensive preparation programmes
  5. Our Team gives you the explicit and comprehensive information about all the details so that you can select what is good for you.
  6. Our Best IELTS Training Coaching Center in Amritsar individually try to give you a better environment for studies and helps the students to prepare all IELTS Modules academically, and boost up your level of confidence.
  7.  Our team in Amritsar helps the students to develop their individual personality and our IELTS trainer team in Amritsar provide individual assistance to particular students so that each student gets good band scores in IELTS.
  8. Our IELTS Coaching Institute, Center in Amritsar provides unique material to the students so that they build their inner and outer personality.
  9. Ielts Coaching Center in amritsar has been opened to updgrade the skills in four modules: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing So you can keep in touch for preparation of IELTS