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PTE Training has four modules: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking.

The Timing of Listening Summary is up to 47-55 minutes

Summarize Spoken Test

1.There is a summary of 50-70 words, The recording Length of Summary will be 60-90 seconds.

2. Multiple choices, Choose Multiple Answers

It is necessary to first listen to the recording and gives answers of multiple choice.Listening to the recording very carefully and select one response from the question.There is a recording of 40 -90 seconds

3.Fill in the blanks

On the screen, several blanks appear on the screen. It is necessary for every candidate listens to the recording very carefully, and type the missing words into the blanks.

The length  of recording will be of 30-60 seconds.

4. Highlight correct Summary

You have to highlight correct summary after listens to the recording. The Length of Recording will be of 30-90 seconds.

5. Multiple choices, choose Single Answers

In this types of questions, students have to select a single response from multiple choices.The length of recording will be of 30-60 seconds.

6. Select Missing Word

The candidate has to select a group of words to complete the information.The length of recording will be 20-70 seconds.

7. Highlight incorrect Words

In Highlight Incorrect Words, the candidate has to identify the words that differ from the recording what he said. The length of recording will be of 15-50 seconds.

8. Write from Dictation

In this section, student has listened to the recording and to write the proper line

PTE In AmritsarReading 32-41 Minutes

1) Multiple choices, choose single answers

After reading the text choose single answers from the various options.

Text length: Up to 300 words.
2) Multiple choices, choose Multiple Answers

After reading the text, selecting more than one response from the options.
Text length: Up to 300 words.

3) Re-order Paragraphs

There are various text boxes appear on the screen in random order, arrange them in a correct order.
Text length: Up to 150 words.

4) Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks appears on the screen, choose one option from the drop-down list of it.
Text length: Up to 80 words.

5) Reading and Writing (Fill in the Blanks)
A text appears on screen with several blanks. You have to choose one option from several drops down the list of response options.
Text length: Up to 300 words.

Writing 40-60 Minutes

1) Summarize Written Text

In Summarize Written Text,  after reading the passage write the summary of 50-75  words.Time to Answer: 10 Minutes

Time to Answer: 10 Minutes

2) Write Essay
Write an essay of 200-300 words on a given topic.

The Length of the essay is 200-300 words.
Time to Answer: 20 Minutes

PTE Coaching Centre in AmritsarSpeaking 30-35 Minutes
1) Speak Aloud
A text appears on a screen. Read the text aloud.
Recording Length: 60 words.
Time to Answer: Varies by Item and also depends on the length of the text.
2) Repeat Sentence
After listening to a sentence, repeat the sentence.
Time to Answer: 15 seconds
Recording Length: 3-9 seconds
3) Describe Image
An image appears on the screen. We have to describe the image in detail.
Time to Answer: 40 seconds
4) Re-tell Lecture
After listening or watching a lecture, re-tell the lecture in your own words.
Time to Answer: 40 seconds
5) Answer Short Questions
After listening to a question, answer with a single word or few words.
Time to Answer: 10 seconds


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